Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Me you and everybody's favorite

I almost make myself crazy by whispering to snakes imitating young harry's parseltounge when i was on junior high,thank god the snakes wasnt the deadly type  =.=",yup this is the last harry's movie split in two part on november 2010 and 2011,this world of fantasy wizardry never gets olddd,spell,charms,mythical creatures
,you name it !  and plus..lots of hot chicks in it ;),well..this is their  last movie..so if you want to watch it at least  watch it with your closest persons,it would be one of your great memories to watch the worldwide phenomenon in 21st Centuries with your closest :),have a great day folks and Avada Kedavra !...ummm.. i mean good bye :p

" There Is No Fate But What We Make " -.Sarrah Connor

T.A.B.S of the day : Johhny Hollow - Superhero (its a little bit dark but one of great songs)

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