Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

One Tiny Step

" LIFE SUCKS ! ",Yep everybody said that  in these pre-judgement days..war is everywhere,drugs,unknown fucked up desease,economical apocalypse in lower and middle class,teenagers keeps annoying their parents with their bad behaviour,mac products keeps coming and coming (?),well i say FUCK IT..i say life is good if you keep your mind clear and open,its about how you make these pre-judge days to be more positive and exciting each every seconds by doing great deeds and stop whinning (altough im a type of whinner too but im trying not too :p) there still a good vibes in this world somewhere and its worth to fight for what we fought first place and i tell is good if you found ParanoidNerd..this is my one tiny step ,hop i can make your life a little bit more colorful with paranoidnerdy thinking of mine..

Dedicated to my girlfriend..Alladin's Most Precious,i love you baby :)

and this is my first Tag-Along-Blog-Song : Boys 2 Men - You Make Me Feel Brand New

Enjoy your time



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